Michele, Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful art.  It is especially uplifting during this pandemic. We may feel isolated and far away from those we love but your artistic vision brings light and joy into our lives. I really appreciate you sending this my way. “

“Hi Michele, Thank you for sharing, and God Bless you and your family.  You are an inspiration to me, and I am also smiling to see you spreading His Word through your art.  It is our job here on earth to shout of his glory as this is all temporary, and we must prepare for our future.”

“Michele, I love your new art with accompanying scriptures. God is Happy!!  Also, God is Light. My favorites.  Thanks for sharing.  You are an inspiration to me, using your gifting to glorify God and share his word and attributes with others.”

“Dear Michele, your artwork is stunning.  I love that you are using your gifts to lead people to God.  That is such a kind, beautiful way to witness to others.”

“We all need to be reminded that God’s love is around us always.  Even in the darkest moments.  Please continue your ministry.  Bless you!”

“Our twin daughters loved working with Michele!  They learned something new every week and were able to enjoy different crafts.  They painted, drew and learned a variety of crafts while with her.” – Rusy L.
“Our two girls really enjoyed working with Michele. She thoughtfully created projects to nurture their interests. Michele was attune to our daughters’ unique differences and worked beautifully to connect them to art and artistic expression.” – Raquel R.
“Artistically Senior is a fun, creative class.  Artist Michele Brooks leads and participates in each activity. She stresses that there is no right way or wrong way to express yourself so each finished craft is a uniquely personal piece.  Good class!!” – Rita P.

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